Nathan in the news


This lovely photo made the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as I work with the team at Rent College Pads.


Waking up Superior


After a successful solo hike in the porcupine mountains I am greeted with the reward of a beautiful Superior sunrise at my backcountry campsite. Waking up to the crashing waves and fresh lake breeze makes one wonder why anyone would want to wake up any other way.

To Make It Happen, It Must First Be Realized

Maybe I’m succumbing to the standard 20-something wanderlust. Maybe I’m embracing it completely….

Nathan Gerred's PledgeJohn Muir believed the wildness of the lands, some of which would eventually become a part of our national parks system, was necessary for our soul.  There are currently 59 national parks across 27 states.  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some quality time in a handful of them already. Seems like a pretty good addition to the ‘ol bucket list hey? My research begins at 26 for the best loops, most sought after views, and hidden gems in each and every one of these parks. If I make a solid push of 3 parks a year, I should be on pace for reaching this goal before I turn 50. If I make it that long… Cheers to modern medicine.

Coachella Valley

Nathan Gerred Visits Joshua Tree
Coachella Valley

My journey in Joshua Tree National Park brings me to a mountain overlooking the Coachella Valley. Admittedly, a gander from Keys View isn’t the most difficult to attain. An easy drive through the park brings you to a parking lot (I know right?) with a concrete path jutting up to a little overlook. I did my best by scrambling up a bit to a spot well away from any of the others. I had to take a moment to soak in the view…

Nathan Visits Coachella Valley
A Panoramic View

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